is the world’s oldest and largest fraternity with history and traditions dating to antiquity.  Its primary purpose throughout the centuries has been to make good men better, by promoting the bonds of friendship, compassion, peace, harmony and brotherly love.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Freemasonry is how it brings together so many men of different backgrounds to meet peacefully, without political or religious debate, to conduct their affairs in peace and harmony.  Many of the nation’s earliest patriots were Freemasons; thirteen signors of the Constitution and fourteen United States Presidents beginning with the Father of our Country George Washington.

As is true for most organizations, what members get from Freemasonry depends upon what they put into it.  Membership is not meant to interfere with an individual’s faith, family or occupation.  Freemasonry is meant to provide a positive environment that promotes a Mason’s duty to God, community, family and himself.

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To Be One,

Freemasonry is the world's oldest and largest fraternal organization for men over the age of 18.  We are dedicated to serving our members and their families through building relationships, social networking, activities with our members and in the community.