Meet the 2021 Officers

Benjamine Bridge

Benjamin Bridge

Worshipful Master

The Worshipful Master is leader of the Lodge. “Worshipful” was a term used in the early 1700s in England in a way that is essentially interchangeable with “honorable” and would sometimes be used to address Lords and Judges. The Master of a Lodge is bound by his commitment, made at his installation, to uphold the constitutions of his Lodge and Grand Lodge.  This is an elected office.

Richard Mitchell

Richard Mitchell

Senior Warden

Essentially, he is second in the Lodge and will always sit directly opposite of the Worshipful Master and oversees the Craft. If the Worshipful Master is ever absent, it is his job to step up and become acting Worshipful Master.  This is an elected office.

Michael Cardoza

Michael Cardoza

Junior Warden

In the case of the absence of the Worshipful Master, and the Senior Warden becomes acting Worshipful Master, the Junior Warden then becomes acting Senior Warden.  Also the Junior Warden is charged with overseeing fellowship of the Lodge, make sure that fun is had, while also making sure that things don’t get out of hand.  This is an elected office.

Thayne Coulter

Thayne Coulter


This is an elected position because it is vital to the functioning of the Lodge. The Secretary records the minutes of every meeting, submits them along with other reports to Grand Lodge, and manages communication with other Lodges.  This is an elected office.

Loren Kohler

Loren Kohler


The Treasurer accounts for and tracks lodge funds.  This is an elected office.

Mark Costello

Mark Costello

Senior Deacon

The Senior Deacon assists the Worshipful Master with his Masonic duties.  He plays a large part in the Degrees, and greets visitors.  This is an appointed position.

Tom Hearn

Thomas Hearn

Junior Deacon

The Junior Deacon assists the Senior Warden the same way the Senior Deacon assists the Worshipful Master and ensures the lodge is secure.  This is an appointed position.


Josh Levin

Senior Steward

The Senior Steward assists the Junior Warden, who oversees fellowship, which includes meals or other activities the Lodge is involved in. This is an appointed position.

Randy Lutton

Randy Lutton

Junior Steward

Keeping everyone in line for fellowship is a big job, and should not be left to just one person. The Junior Steward also assists in facilitating fellowship. This is an appointed position.


Bruce Dauenhauer


The Chaplain should care for the spiritual needs of the Lodge members, facilitating the visitation of the sick, and providing emotional support for Brothers in times of need.  This is an appointed position.

Daniel Croll thumb

Daniel Croll


The Marshal’s job is to conduct the Chaplain, present the flag of the country, and ceremonially lead certain ceremonial processions.  This is an appointed position.

Millad Bokhouri thumb

Millad Bokhouri


The Tyler guards the door, ensuring that everyone checks in by filling in their name in the Tyler’s Book, which records attendance at every meeting.  This is an appointed position.

square and compass

Kenneth Moyer


The Musician sets the tone of meetings by providing music in the background and intermissions.


Clark Skinner

Assistant Secretary

The Assistant Secretary helps out with the secretaries duties.

Lodge Officers:

Once raised to the degree of a Master Mason, a member can serve as an officer of the Lodge.  Lodge officers are broken down into elected officers and appointed officers.

Elected Officers:

It is expected that the Junior Warden succeed the Senior Warden after his term is done, and the Senior Warden succeed the Worshipful Master after his term is done. For this reason the election of the Senior Warden and Worshipful Master is often a formality.

Appointed Officers:

The appointed officers, assist the elected officers, and in the ceremonies of the Lodge. While their roles are primarily ceremonial, it is also expected that they assist in the management, day-to-day operations of the Lodge, and perform roles outside of the Lodge meetings themselves.