Table Lodge March 24, 2018

Table Lodge

Weston Lodge 22 held a Table Lodge of Instruction on March 24, 2018 to honor the living pillars of our lodge.

The thirty one members in attendance began the evening with a fantastic dinner.  After dinner, speakers instructed members on living pillars within the lodge, who through their dedication, have been instrumental in taking Weston Lodge 22 to greater heights.

The pillars were aligned and cannons were charged as Steven O'Donnell (WM) led off the instruction with a short introduction on the history of the American Flag.  Steve Helms gave a moving masonic history of Brother Bob Helms.  Ian Hughes spoke on Mel Boll (PM).  Austin Harris spoke on John Buchanan (PM). Doug Ayers spoke on Sid Wright (PM), and Thayne Coulter spoke on Clark Skinner (PM).

The evening couldn't have happened without the extraordinary efforts of Brothers Michael Cardoza, Josh Levin and Ryan Hite who planned the event and worked through the afternoon to prepare dinner.