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Trestle Board December 2018


Stated Communication the 1st & 3rd Wednesday
Lodge opens at 7:00 PM


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Officers for 2018

Steven R. O’Donnell Worshipful Master
Francisco Mier–y- Teran Senior Warden
Bruce Swedal Junior Warden
Loren Kohler Treasurer
Clark H. Skinner, P.M. Secretary
Benjamin Bridge Senior Deacon
Richard Mitchell Junior Deacon
Thomas Hearn Senior Steward
Mark Costello Junior Steward
Michael Cardoza Chaplain
Ryan Hite Marshal
Kenneth L. Moyer Musician
Josh Levin
Thayne Coulter Assistant Secretary
Tom A Johnson, P.M. Yahoo Web Master
Bruce Swedal             Revised Web Master
Randy Lutton Revised Web Master

Masters note for December

“Set your course by the stars,
not by the lights of every passing ship.”
Brother Omar Bradley

My Brothers as my year as master comes to a close I would like to thank each and every one of you for a great year I will always remember. Weston Lodge does set its course by the stars keeping a true course in masonry. So as we would say after flying hot air balloons. “May the winds welcome you with softness. May the sun bless you with its warm rays. May you fly so high and so well God joins you in your laughter and set you gently back into the loving arms of Mother Earth.” 

With brotherly love
Worshipful Master and soon to be Junior Past
Steve O'Donnell

CALENDAR – December, 2018

Mon 12/3 Past Masters Breakfast - 8:30 AM
IHOP - 7733 W Long Dr., Littleton
Wed 12/5 Finance Committee - 6:00 PM
Wed 12/5 Stated Meeting (Election of officers) - 7:00 PM
Fri 12/7 Poker Night - 6:00 PM
Sat 12/8 PANCAKE BREAKFAST - 8:00 - 10:00 AM
All you can eat. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, juice $5.00. Please come help if you can.
Sat 12/8 Installation of officers (open) - 2:00 PM
Wed 12/12 Officers meeting - 7:00 PM
Wed 12/19 Stated Meeting (light dinner) - 7:00 PM
Wed 12/26 Temple Board (Cancelled)

You can now pay your dues, make donations and pay for Table Lodges online. Just click on Dues at the top right.

Clark H. Skinner 1965
Charles E. Greer 1970
Sidney C Wright 1984
Robert G. Hollenbeck 1985
Richard G. Duncan 1988
Charles W. Cardarell 1990
Phillip G. Trimble 1991
John R. Garrett 1993
Ronald S. Jaul 1996
E. Rick Watrous 1997
Thomas A. Johnson 1999
Edwin R. Hamm 2000
Jeffery H. Frankhauser 2003
Thaine Lennox- Gentle 2005
John Lennox-Gentle 2006
Clinton W. Anthis 2008
James R. Shoemaker 2009
Walter L. Ashlock 2010
Scott A. Bates 2012
Robert J. Sangster 2013
Swen Hoffman 2014
Paul E. Lundquist 2015
Danny Will 2016
Terry Davis 2017
Richard L. McKee 1978
John H. Buchanan 1980
William F. Coellen, Jr. 1980
Alan AR. Franke 1985
Friedrich W. Glaser 1985-87
Sanford A. Campbell 1988
James Oliver 1988-89 2003-08
Richard P. Jasper 1996-2003
Melvin H. Boll 1998-2003
Harry P. Ciruli, Jr. 2000
Norman L. Miller 2001
Charles Downing 1995-07 2013
Tony Dattilo 2003
Jay Bobick 2011


Mel Boll (PM)
Bob Helms
Thomas Hearn (SS)
Randy Lutton

Steve O’Donnell (WM)
Francisco Mier-y-Teran (SW)
Bruce Swedal (JW)

Francisco Mier-y-Teran (SW)
Bruce Swedal (JW)
Randy Lutton

Burial Service
John Buchanan (PM)
Clark Skinner (Sec)
John Lennox-Gentle (PM)

Membership & Calling
John Smith
Benjamin Bridge (SD)

Circus Child ID
Mel Boll (PM)
Thomas Hearn (SS)
Jim Taylor
Francisco Mier-y-Teran (SW)
Michael Marcus
Michael Archer

Lodge Member Retention
Bob Helms

Michael Cardoza   (Chap.)
Mark Costello (J.S.)
Bob Sangster (PM)

Custodian of the Work
John Buchanan (PM)
Sidney Wright (PM)

Community Service
Francisco Mier-y-Teran (SW)
Steve O’Donnell (WM)
Mark Costello (JS)


Swen Hoffman (PM)
Bruce Swedal (JW)

Lodge Music
Ken Moyer (Musician)

Steve O’Donnell (WM)
Francisco Mier-y-Teran (SW)
Benjamin Bridge (SD)

Steve O’Donnell (WM)
Francisco Mier-y-Teran (SW)
Loren Kohler (Treasurer)

Steve O’Donnell (WM)
Bob Helms
Loren Kohler Treasurer

Job’s Daughter Liaison
Benjamin Bridge (SD)
Thomas Hearn (SS)

Rainbow Girls Liaison
Mark Costello (J.S.)

Eastern Star Liaison
Vernon Wilson

Clark Skinner (PM Sec.)
Tom Johnson (PM)
Jim Taylor
Bruce Swedal
Randy Lutton

Degree Sessions
EA - Bruce Swedal (JW)
FC – Francisco Mier-y-Teran (SW)
MM – Steve O’Donnell (WM)

Initiation Fee $175.00
Lodge Dues $54.00
Per-Capita $67.00
Total Annual Dues $121.00

Dues $121.00 x 26 = 3,146.00

Regular Members
Perpetual Members
Total Members

Breakfast to Honor Veterans 11.10.2018

Weston Lodge #22 invited active duty military and veterans to attend a complimentary all you can eat breakfast on November 10, 2018 to honor their service to our country.

Thirty one active duty military and veterans honored the lodge by attending the breakfast.  Also attending the event were members of the local masonic chapters, the local Littleton community and Fox31 news.  The active duty military and veterans attending the event signed the flag of their service.

The members of Weston Lodge #22 wish to thank the members of the military (past and present ) for all you do.

Fifty and Seventy Year Awards

The November 7, 2018 stated communication was an open lodge event.  It provided a special opportunity to see the presentation of a fifty-year award to Larry Wullbrandt of Weston Lodge #22.  Larry’s wife Jane was in attendance for the presentation of his award.

A seventy-year award was presented to Bill Green of Casper Independence Rock #56.  Three of our brothers from Wyoming including; Thomas Hamm Deputy Grand Master, Wyoming Guernsey Lodge #49; Bill Elmore Worshipful Master, Casper Independence Rock #56; and Weston Hubele Senior Warden, Casper Independence Rock #56 drove from Casper, Wyoming to Weston Lodge #22 for Bill Greens presentation.  The act displayed the strength of brotherhood within the fraternity and reminded all present of our own obligations to our brothers.

Weston Table Lodge 11.3.2018

November 3, 2018 at 5:30 pm a Table Lodge was opened at Weston Lodge #22 to Honor Masonic Military Men.

A fantastic dinner was prepared for the attendee's by brother Michael Cardoza, Josh Levin, Randy Lutton and Mark Costello.

Presentations were made and toasts were offered to:

  • The Flag of our Country presenter Bruce Swedal.
  • George C. Evans presenter Thayne Coulter.
  • Buzz Aldrin presenter Steve O'Donnell.
  • Gordon Cooper presenter Swen Hoffman.
  • Marquis de Lafayette presenter Jay Bobeck.
  • James Johnston presenter Loren Kohler.
  • All Freemasons Over the World.

James Johnston was the keynote speaker and delivered a moving speech from his first hand knowledge of the beach landing at Iwo Jima.  His attendance at Table Lodge, as well as his service to our country, will not be forgotten.

To our military active duty and veterans, we appreciate your service.